About COPaKB

The COPa Knowledgebase (COPaKB) Project was developed under the NHLBI Proteomics Centers Program (2010-2015) and is continuously supported through the NIGMS BD2K Centers Program (2014-2018). COPaKB has been created as a unique resource to facilitate the discovery of novel biological insights from proteomic datasets:

  • COPaKB is a curated relational database of protein molecular and biomedical phenotype properties, interfaced to a website for public data retrieval.
  • COPaKB enables investigators to process raw proteomic datasets without the need of high-end instrumentation, and returns a consistently annotated report of protein properties.
  • COPaKB offers a wide range of informatics tools for investigators to analyze different studies in parallel and to conduct meta-analyses.

COPaKB Worldwide Usage Report
(as of May 2nd, 2016)

The color scale represents the number of visits to COPaKB from individual countries. Darker color (e.g., that of US) corresponds to more visits (e.g., 11,293 visits).

Statistics and Updates of COPaKB

As of May 2016, Google Analytics reports the following data on COPaKB (Please see the Figure on the left):
  • 175,959 pageviews;
  • 7.78 pageviews per visit;
  • 11,293 unique visitors;
  • 125 countries are represented.

In May 2016, COPaKB implemented the following updates:
  • COPaKB now offers ten modules in total;
  • Information Hyperlinked over Proteins (iHOP) function is now part of the COPaKB reports;
  • COPaKB is updated with Human Protein Atlas (HPA) version 11;
  • COPaKB Client V2.0 is now available in Java;
  • iCOPa V2.1 is available to download at iTunes store.